Touch-Based Neuroscience Making Waves in Australia with Biowin

8th Dec 2021

Biowin, a neuroscience company in Australia, is making waves as it expands its influence as a new provider of touch-based wellness solutions for pain management, balance, mobility, and strength.

Biowin offers non-invasive, drug-free, and app-free products that include socks and patches built with proprietary Neuro-Haptic Technology, or NHT. NHT is a special tactile pattern embedded in Biowin’s neurosocks and neuropatches. When that pattern touches the wearer’s skin, the unique sequence of touch receptors activated by that pattern generates a signal that is interpreted by the brainstem as a prompt towards homeostasis, leading to instantly-improved balance, mobility, strength, energy levels, pain management, and more.

“Neurotech for wellness is a rapidly growing global industry and following our successes in North America and Europe, we are entering the Asia-Pacific market with high expectations,” comments Jay Dhaliwal, the CEO and founder of Biowin.

Already, Biowin is making an impact in its community; in July, they sponsored Michael Atkinson, a sports presenter at 9News Queensland, as he embarked upon a 250km trek across the Simpson Desert with Australian charity Youngcare. Atkinson used Biowin socks with NHT for his trek. “I was the only member of our group who didn’t suffer from blisters on the trip,” he said. “The socks were extremely comfortable, and I believe the tactile NHT pattern allowed my mind to focus on the job at hand during those long afternoons in the desert—in blistering heat and dusty and undulating terrain.”

Without requiring the use of external power, drugs of any kind, or even an app to monitor, Biowin hopes to offer effective, easy-to-use wellness solutions that can work for anyone. The success of this technology across North America and Europe, for millions of customers, suggests a similarly promising path for the ambitious brand, which hopes to help as many Australians as possible with their wellness goals.