Neurohaptic Technology

How it works
We hacked and harnessed haptic perception

We use neural decoding of the human haptic response, the Pattern Theory of Haptic Perception and frequency interference math to use free nerve endings and mechanoreceptors to generate compensatory signals for compromised NDS and NRP.

Once we deduced the proper sequence of receptors to replicate optimal NDS and NRP signals, we encrypted the sequence and combination of receptors into a ibrotactile pattern using biometric encryption and Inverse Transforms.

This precise combination of free nerve endings and mechanoreceptors is encrypted in a fingerprint pattern.

In 2014 Biowin was able to encrypt this precise combination of free nerve endings and mechanoreceptors in a fingerprint pattern.

Biowin NHT
Optimal Function Through Optimal Neurology
Backed by Research, proven by Science

Biowin NHT incorporates vibro-tactile technologies leveraging the pattern theory of haptic perception into socks and other products to help enhance the users wellness and quality of life. NHT has pioneered a proprietary non-electrical and drug free haptic stimulation technology that recent studies show improvements in:

Improved power and strength (ENERGY)

Improved balance and stability (MOBILITY)

Improved pain & discomfort management

Improved neural wellness

Improved pain recovery

Efficacy and Difference

NHT helps our neuro-haptic system generate compensatory NDS and NRP signals that help our neurology and physiology reach and maintain better homeostasis providing a better quality of life and enhanced wellness.

Studies conducted demonstrate the efficacy of NHT on the Human EEG

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