7 Reasons to Rock Neurosocks for your Everyday Health and Wellness

7th Sep 2021

The human body functions at optimum efficiency when the networks managing our body and mind are in balance. Neurosocks activate the neuroreceptors on parts of the body and help improve balance, energy levels, recovery, and pain management in a quick and non-invasive way. Most of us want to achieve more every day, so let’s check out 7 reasons rock Neurosocks and how they can help you tread the optimum neuro path to wellness.

1. Innovative technology and tactile patterns you can wear everyday

Neurosocks employ an innovative system called Neurohaptic Technology (NHT), a unique tactile pattern woven or moulded into the socks. Contact with this pattern helps our neuro-haptic system generate signals that help our neurology and physiology reach and maintain better homeostasis. This results in a better quality of life and enhanced wellness.

2. Better balance and stability

As we age, our balance and stability can decrease and if we’re not careful, this reduced mobility can significantly impact our overall quality of life. NHT activates an increase in the body’s postural stability, which helps maintain or increase proper balance and footing, leading to a greater range of motion and a reduced risk of injury.

3. Effective pain management that’s drug free & non-invasive

Daily routines can cause foot pain, in turn triggering pain in other areas of your body, which can take a psychological toll as well as a physiological one. NHT on the bottom of your feet triggers neurological responses that ultimately reduce pain and discomfort in not just the feet but your whole body. In an independent study of 1000 participants, 940 successfully reduced their foot pain, a hugely encouraging result for anyone managing pain or enduring painful recovery from injury.

4. More energy, so you can get more out of your day

One of the most rewarding results of wearing Neurosocks is the subsequent day-to-day increase in energy. Improved power and strength can give you more confidence to tackle and enjoy fitness goals, from challenging hikes to casual strolls around town. The knock-on effect of more energy is a noticeable drop in tiredness or fatigue, and an increase in mood and mental health, improving your overall quality of life.

5. Optimize your recovery

Optimal recovery is an integral element of any effective exercise regime. Recovery allows our body to heal post-workout, prepare and improve for the next session. Neurosocks assist in this recovery by stimulating specific parts of the brain while you rest. Furthermore, this can help provide you with the confidence to push yourself further and recover more quickly and fully after every workout.

6. Improved neural health and brain optimisation

Maintaining optimal neurology assists your body in achieving and maintaining optimal health. NHT helps your neural network generate compensatory signals that help your neurology and physiology reach and maintain better homeostasis providing a better quality of life and enhanced wellness. 100% of the participants in an independent study experienced an average 36% increase in overall brain optimisation with the help of NHT. The neural wellness of your body will undoubtedly improve by incorporating Neurosocks into your life and daily routine.

7. Non-electrical and drug-free wellness

Pain management has historically involved a combination of therapies that may provide temporary relief but ultimately impact long-term health. NHT avoids using health-adverse treatments by pioneering and incorporating vibrotactile technology, leveraging the pattern theory of haptic perception into Neurosocks to help enhance your wellness and quality of life. 

Grab yourself a pair of Biowin Neurosocks today and experience the benefits for yourself.